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What our satisfied customers told about us

Within over 20 years in business we had the honor to deliver hundreds of projects and solutions to our customers. We are glad that our services bring joy and benefit and our customers are satisfied with us.

Patrick Brenton,  JennPro s.r.o.

24U redeveloped our FileMaker MIS bringing streamlined functionality and increased efficiency. Acknowledging our requests, as well as proposing improved working practices, the long running cooperation with 24U continues and is backed by the reassurance of the 24U support team.

Patrick Brenton, JennPro s.r.o.

There are a number of creative people in 24U who help us to move the modernization of Czech education further, Mr. iKufr regularly comes to us and trains our teachers in their skills.

RNDr. Jan Kolouch, Gymnázium Benešov
RNDr. Jan Kolouch,  Gymnázium Benešov
Kamil ŠRUBAŘ,  SZŠ a VOŠZ Zlín

Very stimulating experience from colleagues in a pleasant environment under excellent organization handled by 24U. What would take me a few weeks to learn myself, introduced in one day.


I would like to write to you with feedback to help organise our 1st RCPU conference. As this was our first time organising a conference with parallel workshops, we didn't realise that we would need a platform that would allow attendees to choose different workshops at different times. The biggest challenge was limiting the number of participants to specific workshops. We needed to resolve during the sign-up process that when we reached capacity, sign-ups would no longer be possible. We were also looking for a design friendly form of the registration form.We approached 24U for help as we saw that when we registered for the last Teacher Summit they had solved the registration for workshops etc. very well. What happened was incredible, within two working days we had a database accessed where we could upload workshops, lunches etc. They also programmed a website for us where you could sign up for a workshop. They put our logo on the page. We had 4-5 people communicating with us and they helped us with all the requirements. They were all extremely nice and helpful. With this, I would like to thank the whole team that worked with us. They were all amazing, prompt and extremely helpful. The product that was delivered to us was exactly what we needed. Thank you ❤️

Eva Polláková, Súkromná základná škola BESST
Eva Polláková,  Súkromná základná škola BESST
Craig Cutler,  OD

We were trying to connect some older equipment and get data from it to FileMaker and we had no idea how to do it. I would recommend 24U to anyone who have a tricky problem. because 24U really help me to figure it out and I was surprised they could do it!

Craig Cutler, OD

For me, 24U is a reliable supplier of all the equipment we need. 24U has the advantage of not leaving me alone with the equipment. It's not like they just sell me some equipment and do whatever you want with it. They tell me what to do with that equipment in a way that I enjoy.

Jana Kneřová, ZŠ Plavy